International Educational Collaboration

The Swiss education system often looks like a labyrinth from the outside. I specialize in providing expert guidance and solutions to navigate the complexities of the Swiss education system.

For clients outside of Switzerland, my focus is on international educational cooperation; for clients within Switzerland, my business is focused on policy consulting. Through my extensive partner network, I can also facilitate access to high-level contacts when needed. My name is Konstantin Baehr.

With over 33 years of experience as a senior official and Chief Strategy Officer within the Zurich State Department of Education and extensive national and international collaboration, I bring a wealth of expertise to the consultancy. Would you like to know more? Below is an overview of my services. For more information about my expertise, please see "About me".

Our Services

concerning international collaboration and for companies and private clients in Switzerland
  • Understand the Swiss Educational System: Gain comprehensive guidance on navigating the intricate Swiss Education landscape.
  • Build international relationships: Gain insight into how to access and succeed in the Swiss educational system and educational marketplace.
  • Explore Greater Zurich Area Insights: Delve into in-depth insights into education and schooling options in the Greater Zurich Area.

Ready to explore how I can help you navigate the Swiss education landscape? Contact me today for a consultation. Let my firm, Baehr Partners, be your trusted partner for getting inside the Swiss education system.